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Building healthy habits™

8 Week Wellness Program


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Building Healthy Habits™


Change IS hard.  Especially long term change.  Focusing on habits helps you succeed.

With this 8 week wellness boot camp you’ll:

  1. Learn how habits get changed
  2. Apply that knowledge by building your own habit
  3. Meet for LIVE group coaching sessions 
  4. Connect with a supportive community  

This in depth, multifaceted program uses scientifically proven approaches that empower you to make healthier choices more often!

Designed to give you knowledge, experience and support to build the habits you dream of and demolish the ones holding you back.

You’ll learn the THEORY behind habits. 

Find out:

  • What they are
  • How we got the ones we have
  • Why they’re so hard to make or break even when you REALLY WANT TO 

 Learn The Strategies:

  • That work best depending on where you’re at
  • To make change easier
  • To make it last

Knowledge means nothing without PRACTICE

Begin by:

  • Doing a lifestyle assessment
  • Choosing your habit
  • Developing your plan  

Continue by:

  • Monitoring your progress
  • Troubleshooting setbacks
  • Making adjustments


COACHING means personalized support for you 

Looking for additional motivation, clarification or information?  Your wellness coach, Christina Roberts is with you every step of the way.

Weekly LIVE group calls (recorded in case you can’t make it):

  • Questions answered
  • Help completing the  weekly activities
  • Enhanced understanding through discussion  

Connect with like-minded people in our COMMUNITY  

You’re not alone:

  • Share collective wisdom
  • Discuss challenges
  • Celebrate successes

Login to the membership site anytime and connect with fellow participants all focused on getting better together.

"Christina teaches you how to break big dreams into small, realistic, attainable goals, one at a time. If you’re looking for positive changes in your lifestyle Christina can teach you how to do it in a lasting way, and you’ll have a built-in support system to cheer you on with your success, and share in your setbacks."
Elly McLarty

"With the information and guidance that Christina gave us and the introspective work in determining my own individual goals, I now have a more positive outlook that I will be able to continue using these tools in making the changes to a healthier and happier lifestyle."

"12 weeks of BHH has totally turned me around – NO! It wasn’t easy, not at all, but anything worthwhile doing is very seldom easy. I’m the type of person who doesn’t do well when I work on my own – I need to be responsible to a coach or a team for showing up and this is what BHH offered."
Dianne Gilhuly

"The course is a stimulus to get to implement changes, and first to identify the feasible goals needed. The support of the participants – and shared experience – is very helpful. Great course to take."

"My main fear was that I wouldn’t succeed. Creating small goals made me successful. These little successes helped motivate me and believe that I can make changes."
Alicia Chartier

"BHH course came at the right time for me - I've been trying to get back to a "normal" life but somehow kept procrastinating - always something important to do for others but not enough time to do what would make me a healthier/happier person. Just coming to the course put me on the right path. I'm doing what was on my list of "to dos". Learning the techniques of setting up our goals were very important (& keeping track of them). I'm doing it!"