Maintain the habit you created in the BHH™ 8 Week Program + start your next one.   

In the BHH™ Program you built a strong foundation by learning the theory of habits and the strategies around making and breaking them to create the healthier lifestyle you want.  

PLUS, you put that knowledge into practice by working on your own personally chosen habit.  

Don’t stop there! 

The BHH™ Club keeps you engaged with the most important part of your ongoing success.  LIKE MINDED PEOPLE! 

We know that change is hard.  Especially long term change.  Having the theory and activities won’t be enough unless you stay focused and continue to use the right strategies at the right time.

Which is why The BHH™ Club exists! 

Stay focused on what’s important and keep making healthier choices more often.

Weekly LIVE Group Coaching (recorded in case your can’t make it)

The BHH™ Club is different from the 8 Week BHH™ Program where everyone works on their own unique habit at the same time.  Learning about the theory and practicing the strategies while moving through the stages of change together. 

Super helpful when you’re just getting started and is why the 8 Week BHH™ Program is a prerequisite to becoming a BHH™ Club member.

You see, BHH™ Club members can be anywhere in the change process at any time. 

 The Club is about supporting your daily practice so that over time you build the healthier lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.   

Your wellness coach, Christina Roberts is there when you need her.  Just jump on one of the weekly calls anytime you have something you want to discuss.  Regardless of where you are in the change process.

24/7 Membership Only Community

Login anytime to connect with fellow members all focused on getting better together.

You don’t need to be a member of Facebook to enjoy socializing with likeminded people.

We have our own social platform built right into the membership website.  Where previous 8 Week BHH™ Program participants continue to stay connected and benefit each others experience and support.

Monthly Meet-Ups (Not Recorded) 

Grab a coffee or tea and have a chat with fellow habit builders.

The meet-ups are small group sessions where you’ll be placed with 4-5 other  BHH™ Club members.  Each person gets around 15 minutes of dedicated time to talk about their habits and how they’re doing.

Hang out with your peers and share personal experiences and insights from your wellness journey.

"This process really forces you to be honest with yourself. I have many other aspects of my life both personally and professionally that I see this applicable to."
Andrea Duchene
"Since taking BHH™ I have been able to make and maintain three new goals and am happy to say that I am currently meeting with continued success with each goal."
Sara Vadovic
"I came into the realization that I don’t have to do everything all at once. I was able to learn this by participating with people who were having the same struggles as I was. I want to continue this process because “I did it today and I did it for ME!”"
Nicole Heuvelmans
"Doing things that I like; what a beautiful goal! Essentrics, Stretching, Yin Yoga, Barre, Cardio. I’ve also bought a paddle board, participated in yoga retreats and came back to astrology. I appreciate having you on my journey to really understand this new way to live and to give it to others like you did for me."
Sylvie Lizotte
I enjoyed the little breakout sessions. It was a great opportunity to speak with others in the group and get feedback as well as provide others with suggestions.
Alicia Chartier